MHNI and so what now….

Many have asked, so I thought I would explain exactly what happened when I was admitted to the inpatient program in Michigan. Essentially, this program is run through a clinic in Ann Arbor, called Migraine Headache and Neurological Institute, here is the link…..

This program is not unlike other migraine programs that other institutes run..the difference is that the doctor that created this program, is THE doctor that all the other programs measure themselves against. So If given the option to attend this program, I would do it. Those 10 days that I spent in the hospital changed my life in ways that I can not even begin to comprehend at this point.

I have been out of the program for several weeks now and I will say that I am still doing quite well, I have had bad days, but I have had far more GOOD days than bad. I can actually get up and spend time with son, run errands and even am HUNGRY (something I havent been for almost a year now). Life is still a daily walk on a tightrope, one misstep and I can fall into a bad headache. But now I am more equipped to handle those missteps and know what I need to do to recharge my batteries and get myself back to a place of lessened pain.

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