Recharge Wednesdays!

If you follow my instagram account @the_mindful_migraineur , you know that I have a weekly ritual of “Self Care Sundays”; a chance to recharge and get some time JUST for you. I am a mom to a 13 month old son, and I don’t know about you, but they require ALOT of my time and energy, which lets be honest, I do not have much to spare these days.

So in the spirit of “Self Care Sundays”, Ive decided to start a series entitled “Recharge Wednesdays”. Wednesdays are usually the day that I am DRAGGING the most, and have decided I need to take some time to just focus on me, to get that final push to the end of the week.

So here are some ways I am instituting to Recharge mid week- to ensure that I do not use all my spoons on Monday and Tuesday (look for a post regarding the spoon theory soon, its my all time favorite visual way to explain chronic pain and illness).

So in no particular order here are some ways I am recharging:

  1. Espom salt/sea salt/baking soda detox baths (during my sons nap!)
  2. Resorative Yoga/Meditation
  3. Stoping and really focusing on ME..whatever that may mean for the day (could be trash TV could be writing in my journal or reading the bible)

What are some ways that YOU can set yourself up to RECHARGE mid week?

Light and love to you all!


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