Micrate= AMAZING

So, I was cruising through instagram one day when Micrate popped up…I was like huh, what is this…so I of course clicked and went to their website. YALL, seriously..this is such an amazing pairing of products. You can tell from the attention to detail of the crate that they GET migraines.

So you may ask what is Micrate…..essentially, Micrate , is a subscription box which has all natural products for helping to treat symptoms of migraine. For anyone that is a chronic migraineur you know that you are always looking for something ANYTHING to help alleviate symptoms when an attack begins. The price is reasonable for the quality of products that you are receiving. So you may ask what do you receive for the $38.00 (free shipping). Well, let me tell you!

The crate comes neatly packaged with all items securely inside. I placed my order and received my crate in about 4 days, which is fairly good with these sort of products.

Unwrapping all the GOODIES!!!!!!
A personalized note! I think this really gives it a nice touch!
A listing of all the products within the box
BOX full of AMAZING GOODIES!!!!!!!!

I received the box several days ago, and wanted to wait to do a review of the products so that I would have ample time to use all of them. So here we go!

  1. Shower Steamers (handmaid exclusively for Micrate by Bath Goodies by Amie: THESE are amazing. One days when I have had lots of sinus pressure from the fluctuating barometric pressure of the region I live in, I have LOVED being able to pop one of these in the bottom of my shower and let the magical essential oils envelop my senses! Prior to this, I had never used a shower steamer before, but I will DEFINITELY be trying these again!
  2. Muscle Ache Salve (handmaid by Rabbity Goods): This muscle salve smells amazing. I always get intense muscle tension in my upper back and neck during headaches, so it was nice to be able to rub some of this one my sore areas. I typically use Two Old Goats lotion for my neck pain, but its comes in a large bottle and is a little cumbersome to carry with you. The Muscle Ache Salve included in this crate was small enough to pop into my purse and carry with me. The other thing that I really loved about this product is the smell. MOST muscle lotions and potions smell strongly of peppermint (which I love), but don’t want to smell like that all the time.
  3. Carob Treats (from Missy J): These are so delicious. I know for some people chocolate can be a migraine trigger, I luckily do not have that as one of my triggers, but it did not stop me from diving into this delicious treat. There are two flavor included: Peanut Butter/Jelly and Mint. I would have to say the Mint was my favorite, but I typically like mint flavored things.
  4. Dry Body Brush: Prior to receiving this crate, I had never tried dry body brushing. I had read ALOT about it and how it could be beneficial to jumpstart your lympatic system and calm your sympathetic nervous system. Here is an article I found to be helpful with learning more about this https://health.clevelandclinic.org/the-truth-about-dry-brushing-and-what-it-does-for-you/ . So I decided to give it a try. I used this prior to taking a shower or bath each morning, and let me tell you, I have noticed a big difference in the longevity of my migraines. Yes, I still have them, but the intensity seems to tamper down after a round of dry body brushing. I did have to google the proper technique, but, other than that, I am a BIG supporter of Dry Brushing now. I am even getting my husband (non migrainuer) to give it a try to see how it could help him.
  5. Crystal Amethyst Roller: For me, THIS IS the BEST product in the entire box. I have been using a jade roller for some time to help smooth out my skin. But, the quality of this roller is far superior to the one I purchased at TJMaxx. This roller feels AMAZING on your skin (especially your eyes and temples), when you are in the midst of an attack. Its cool sensation gently massages your face. I have even put mine in the freezer to keep it nice and cold for when I feel an attack coming on.
  6. Relaxing Organic Teas from Teapigs: These teas are heavenly. I used to be a strict coffee drinker, but other time I have found that I love a nice cup of tea after a long day or if I am having an attack. The quality of these teas are top notch. And I found that the flavors and taste to be quite pleasing, and really nice when I was feeling a bit nauseated from the migraine pain.

The long and the short of this review, is that I would ABSOLUTELY purchase this product again, or for someone I knew who had migraines. My hopes would be that in future crates they would include some things like relaxing epsom salt soaks and some essential oils that could be used for defusing while having an attack. But all in all GREAT JOB MICRATE! This is a fantastic product!

Blessings and light,


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