Case Study for Hopeful

A few weeks ago on my Instagram I talked about a podcast and story that has inspired me to try to live my best life despite my illness.

If you haven’t read Katherine Wolf’s story —its a must read: she has taken a broken situation and made it something wonderful.

I was going to write up a blog post specifically on her interview from the podcast, but found this beautifully eloquent write up, that out did ever version my foggy migraine could try to piece together…take a second to read this post Oakway Ministries. And don’t forget to listen to the podcast! Which I have listed on my “favorite Podcast page” on my blog, the podcast is Entitled “Proof that we have lived“.

This is life changing stuff y’all! Also follow @hopeheals on Instagram, this woman and her family are amazing! 💜💪🏼✝️

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