My Top 5 Items I need to Survive a Migraine Attack!

Ok, the aura/prodrome has started, now what do you do! Below are the top 5 things that help ME survive an attack! 

1) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Water, smoothie, Nunn electrolytes tablets (my personal fave..easy and portable). I like the citrus blend!

Keeping hydrated is key to migraines. I try to add two tablets a day my water intake during an attack, to keep my electrolytes up…especially if I am nauseated.  

(2)  Nausea- The nausea feeling associated with a migraine can make the pain feel even more miserable.  Here are a few tips I use for when I am uber nauseous:

  • The BRAT Diet- Bananas, Rice,  Applesauce, White bread toast

  • Another great nausea trick ginger gum, I used this ALOT when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy! They typically sell at drugstores, but I used to get mine in bulk off Amazon!

  • Another is making your own ginger tea, you could easily add lemon,and fresh mint! Here is a recipe. My acupuncturists actually recommended grating ginger into a pot of boiling water, letting it steep for up to 30 mins, then strain ginger out of water. I would pour into a big container and float lemons in it in fridge to let it get cold, that way I can drink anytime I feel super nauseous.  It is a bit spicy, so lemon and honey help to tamper it down. This worked great during pregnancy! 
  •  Ginger ale…I ALWAYS have ginger ale at my house! 

3) Diffusing Peppermint Oil–  Now this one is a tricky one, because for some, peppermint oil makes them feel worse! I have found it helps me TREMENDOUSLY. 

I ordered an eco friendly diffuser, my diffuser is made from bamboo. I ordered it off amazon and LOVE it.  I like to use good quality peppermint oil.  Usually Aura Cacia; which is a good brand and more economical than YL in my opinion.  I will spend the money on Young Living if I am making a roller to roll peppermint oil on my temples if the pain is really intense.  I have found that diffusing oil during an attack can really help with nausea.  

4) Warm Detox Bath-Nothing eases my sore neck and back more than a good detox bath! If you don’t have time for a super long soak, DO NOT worry!  A ten minute soak is as effective 30 mins! The magnesium in the salt helps ease muscle pain. I try to do this once a week, if not more!

Basic features:

  1. Epsom Salt (approximately two cups)
  2. A few tablespoons of baking soda
  3. Apple cider vinegar
  4. Himalayan pink sea salt ( I get mine at TJ Maxx)

Soak and enjoy a face mask while you relax! 💜 I try to do before bed time because it can make me sleepy!

5. GOOD Ice Packs! Not all ice packs are created equal! I’ve been through my fair share of pack and these by FAR are the best!

All the items I have linked here are also on my link on Instagram for reference. As always, please contact me via DM on Instagram or thru this account if you have ANY questions. These are the things that I have found to help ME the most; NOT all migraines are created equal..remember that! Blessings!

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