Discovering My True Passion: Becoming an Advocate for Others

Upon leaving my inpatient migraine program in January 2019—I began to feel a gentle tug at my heart to share my story; the raw, unfiltered and beautiful story of being a mom suffering from a chronic disease. I began my focus by looking to social media–I started my Instagram account in late January 2019–completely unsure of what it would even look like or mean—except, I knew I wanted to help others navigate the messy and confusing world of chronic disease.

Becoming an advocate for chronic migraine was never something that I sought out to do, rather a gentle tug at my heart and a feeling in my gut (Gut=God); told me this was the right path for me. When I was approached by Lyfebulb, a non profit focused solely on empowering patients to serve as an ambassador for chronic migraine—I knew I had to do this. For myself, but also for the millions of others who suffer from this disease.

I’ve always been a helper—even as a child I cared for my baby sister as if she was my own real life baby doll–tending to her every need. So, I was not surprised when I took the enneagram test to find that I am a “2”–which in their classifications is “the helper” (if you don’t know much about enneagram–there is SO much information about it online–I encourage you to find out your number–such a useful life tool!). Discovering I was a “2” made complete sense. My entire life I have sought to help and care for others—even my career choice was a “helper” career.

Embarking on this new mission to empower, educate and advocate for others with chronic disease; specifically chronic migraine, has given me a new found purpose. I look forward to all that this platform will allow for me to do and to help others; much like myself; find ways to LIVE their lives with this chronic disease. Advocating for a VERY misunderstood disease will have some challenges; but honestly at this point, I have overcome so many challenges that I look forward having many “teachable” moments with others. Here’s to a new year and a new mission to helping others!

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