HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to The Mindful Migraineur!!

It’s been one year–Jan 25, 2019 was the day that I wrote my first blog, exposing my raw emotions of being a mom while managing a chronic illness to the world. When I started the_mindful_migraineur blog and Instagram account, I wanted nothing more than to help others. I felt a real tug at my heart to share my story–and by sharing my story, hopefully help others who are traveling down a similar life path.

On, January 5, 2019–I was discharged from my inpatient stay in Michigan at MHNI. When I entered the program December 26, 2018– I was a shell of the person I once was. Overcome with depression from incredible, constant migraine pain; I had slowly slipped down a very dark hill after the birth of my son in December 2017. This inpatient program was my “Hail Mary pass” that would hopefully provide me with more tools to manage this disease. But, the program did SO much more than give me new tools. It gave me a new outlook on life—and a new purpose—to help others.

I never anticipated to become such an advocate for this disease or meet the incredible people that I have through this last year. I sincerely started this blog and thought I would maybe get one person to look at it. But, if I could help one person that would be enough for me. This experience has become so much more… I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and the positive influence the chronic community has had on my life–has shaped me into the the person I am today.

So what’s next for me, and my blog—you will have to wait and see! I have a few things planned for this next year, including serving as an ambassador for Lyfebulb, where I get to flex my advocate muscle! Serving as an advocate for others, and giving back to this community that has given me so much is also one area that I plan to really focus on in 2020.

I am also opening a small business with fellow chronic migraineur and mom, Pamela from Beauty and The Migraine Beast —our little shop was a dream that was planted in our hearts from the moment we became friends a year ago thru Instagram. Our little shop, Hope and Hugs, should be open VERY soon–please give us a follow on Instagram @hopeandhugsshop for up to date information. We are SO excited to give back to the community that has given us SO much.

I want to extend a HUGE virtual HUG and THANK YOU to every single one of you who has supported me, cheered me on, and welcomed me into this chronic family. I genuinely hope that you have enjoyed a peek into my authentic, raw and unfiltered lens into my life living as a mom, wife, friend, and advocate for chronic migraine. I wholeheartedly hope that my journey has had a positive impact on YOUR journey.

Discovering My True Passion: Becoming an Advocate for Others

Upon leaving my inpatient migraine program in January 2019—I began to feel a gentle tug at my heart to share my story; the raw, unfiltered and beautiful story of being a mom suffering from a chronic disease. I began my focus by looking to social media–I started my Instagram account in late January 2019–completely unsure of what it would even look like or mean—except, I knew I wanted to help others navigate the messy and confusing world of chronic disease.

Becoming an advocate for chronic migraine was never something that I sought out to do, rather a gentle tug at my heart and a feeling in my gut (Gut=God); told me this was the right path for me. When I was approached by Lyfebulb, a non profit focused solely on empowering patients to serve as an ambassador for chronic migraine—I knew I had to do this. For myself, but also for the millions of others who suffer from this disease.

I’ve always been a helper—even as a child I cared for my baby sister as if she was my own real life baby doll–tending to her every need. So, I was not surprised when I took the enneagram test to find that I am a “2”–which in their classifications is “the helper” (if you don’t know much about enneagram–there is SO much information about it online–I encourage you to find out your number–such a useful life tool!). Discovering I was a “2” made complete sense. My entire life I have sought to help and care for others—even my career choice was a “helper” career.

Embarking on this new mission to empower, educate and advocate for others with chronic disease; specifically chronic migraine, has given me a new found purpose. I look forward to all that this platform will allow for me to do and to help others; much like myself; find ways to LIVE their lives with this chronic disease. Advocating for a VERY misunderstood disease will have some challenges; but honestly at this point, I have overcome so many challenges that I look forward having many “teachable” moments with others. Here’s to a new year and a new mission to helping others!