Tools for Your Toolbox: Emotional Freedom Tapping for Pain/Anxiety Management

Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) was something WAY outside my comfort zone the first time I tried it. But, at the recommendation of my acupuncturists and pain management doctor I thought I would give it a whirl—and BOY am I glad I did.

EFT is based on meridian points, or energy hot areas, in your body to restore your body’s energy. Its similar to acupuncture. According to an article from, “its believed that restoring energy balance can relieve symptoms, a negative experience, or emotion”.

The idea of meridian points is based on Chinese medicine (again similar to acupuncture). Meridian points are thought of as places of energy in the body–these pathways (meridian points) can help to balance energy flow and maintain overall health.

Acupuncturists use needles to release energy from these meridian points, the idea behind EFT is that you can do this at home with your fingertips by applying pressure.

Here is a great video that explains how to do EFT .

There have been times that I have done several rounds of EFT during a especially high pain or anxiety ridden day and feel like I have taken a Xanax in minutes—it really works phenomenally! And its something you can add to your toolbox during times of high anxiety, or pain.

I know it may seem FAR OUT or “Weird”, but give it a try—you will be surprised at how you feel after a round of tapping!

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